ALTIS24 provides language translations only using highly qualified experienced native translators. That means the final translation will be read perfectly to a native speaker of that language. ALTIS24 has a large database of professional translators, that’s why we can translate to and from nearly every possible language pair, including English Translations, Spanish Translations, French Translations, Portuguese Translations, Italian Translations, German Translations, Chinese Simplified Translations, Arabic Translations, Japanese Translations, Luxembourgish Translations and many more.

For larger translation projects, ALTIS24 uses a team of several translators. At the head of that Team is the Project Manager. In this case, the Project Manager initially produces a translation glossary, which is then used by the other translators to ensure maximum consistency of the end product. If required the translation can be controlled by one or two independent proofreader.

ALTIS24 is always striving to offer our customers the best possible service and to deliver fast high quality translations to a competitive price.

Our offerings include translation of:

  • Manuals / Handbooks / Leaflets
  • Adoption / Immigration
  • Marriage / Divorce
  • Birth certificates / Death certificates
  • Floating of tenders / Submissions
  • Catalogs / Brochures
  • Contracts
  • Scripts
  • and many more ...

On request we also provide the documents notarized.

Our industry-specific areas:

  • Business / Finance / Economics
  • Humanities / Social sciences
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Education / Apprenticeship
  • Sports / Leisure / Tourism
  • Industry / Technology
  • Media / Art / Culture
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Legal texts
  • Applications
  • Construction
  • Gastronomy
  • Environment
  • Politics

Just feel free and ask for a free quote.

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