Document Translation


ALTIS24 has set as top priority high quality and customer satisfaction. Our customers will of course get the requested translations on time. The translation services are exclusively achieved by first class translators who possess on their respective linguistic field the necessary experience to meet the high demands of our customers. Of course, either the source or target language is the mother tongue of the translator.

ALTIS24 offers its customers tailor-made solutions and this at a fair price, which will be communicated to the customer before placing his order by a transparently and free quote. Our range of services includes the translation of documents of any kind like:   

  • Personal documents such as birth-, school- and insurance certificates
  • Adoption and immigration documents
  • Business documents such as manuals, package inserts or patents
  • Import and export documents in the logistics industry
  • Market documents such as advertisements, brochures, catalogs, menus, or market surveys
  • Medical documents such as reports of physicians or therapy descriptions
  • Legal documents such as court judgments, correspondence from and to the court or attorneys
  • and many more

Our high professional translators allows us to handle translations to and from any languages, and not just the most popular languages like English , Spanish , Portuguese, French , Italian , German , Chinese , Arabic , Japanese , etc. ALTIS24 provides translations in over 120 languages and this worldwide.

Our customers can choose between three options:


The document will be translated by a professional translator.


The document will be translated by a professional translator and additionally checked by another professional translator.


The document will be translated by a professional translator and additionally checked by two other professional translators.

Just feel free and ask for a free quote.

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