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You need an interpreter on site for conferences, meetings or other occasions?

We will be the partner you need!                                   

Please contact us for a fast and free individual quote. Please let us know your meeting date and location, as well as the source and target language and we will send you our professional interpreters.

Our highly qualified Interpreters offer several types of interpreting services depending on your needs. ALTIS24 is specialized in Business, Legal and Medical Interpreting.  ALTIS24 offers Conference Interpreting, Face to Face Interpreting, Sign Language, Voice Over and Telephone Interpreting service.

ALTIS24 offers you different options for face to face interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Our consecutive interpreters are ideal for situations such as medical appointments, local authority tenant discussions and confidential hearings - where the interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language and then reproduces the speech in the target language of the audience.

Simultaneous interpreting

The simultaneous interpreter usually sits in a soundproof booth, listens to the speaker through earphones and, speaking into a microphone, reproduces the speech in the target language as it is being delivered in the source language. Simultaneous interpreters are in demand, so it's important that you book this service far in advance, whenever possible.

Whispered interpreting

Occasionally, interpreters may be asked to provide whispered interpreting or "chuchotage" (French for "murmur" or "whisper"), which consists of sitting behind or next to a participant and simultaneously interpreting in a low voice.

Just feel free and ask for a free quote.

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