Terms & Conditions

We are constantly striving to offer our customers a high class service. Therefore we are – for the clarity of the contractual relationship - dependent to our terms and conditions, which you can find below. So please take a moment and read them carefully.

1. General

These Terms and Conditions apply to all business transactions with customers of ALTIS24. The terms and conditions are accepted by the customer by the fact to place the order and are valid for the entire duration of the business relation. Terms of the client for ALTIS24 are only binding if expressly acknowledged by the latter.

2. Placing an order

  1. The customer places the translation orders in electronic or other form. Possible problems which occur by telephone or other informal orders go at the expense of the customer.
  2. The customer informs ALTIS24 of the target language of the text and if needed of any specific terminology requirements.
  3. The customer can choose from several different data formats like .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .jpg, .xls, .csv, .ods for the translation.

Altis24 is not liable for delays or defects arising from unclear, incorrect or incomplete order or by faulty transmission.

3. Performance by third parties

  1. ALTIS24 will execute all transactions by third parties. ALTIS24 is only liable for the care in the selection of such third parties. The duty of care in the selection is then fulfilled if the third party is a sworn translator in court or authorized or if the appointed third party is a person with appropriate training and experience in the specific language.
  2. The business connection is made only between the customer and ALTIS24. Contacts between the customer and a third party of ALTIS24 are only allowed with the consent of ALTIS24.

4. Prices

All offers and prices depend on each order. Prices are in EUR, unless otherwise agreed. For large orders, a deposit or a retainer, depending on the size of the ordered text, will be required. For the calculation of prices, the number of words in the source language counts. All listed prices from ALTIS24 are net prices plus legal VAT.

5. Delivery times

  1. The specified deadlines cannot be guaranteed by ALTIS24. These deadlines are only given to the customer by best knowledge and belief.                     
  2. A delivery is considered accomplished when the translation is sent to the customer and thus the job is completed for ALTIS24.

6. Dysfunction, force majeure, closing and limitation of activities, network and server failures, viruses,

  1. For damages caused by the dysfunction of business of ALTIS24, notably by force majeure, for example Network and server problems, possible other line and transmission faults and other not influenced hindrances for ALTIS24, ALTIS24 doesn’t take any responsibility. If one of the aforementioned cases happens, then ALTIS24 is entitled to resign completely or partially from the contract.
  2. The same applies if the business of ALTIS24, in particular the on-line services, are limited or discontinued completely or for a certain period of time or even for other reasons as well.
  3. ALTIS24 assumes no liability for damages caused by viruses. When files are delivered via e-mail, uploaded to the website or any other telecommunication methods then the customer is responsible for a final check of the transferred files and texts. The customer accepts hereby the exclusion of related claims at the conclusion of the contract.

7. Liability

  1. If no special arrangements have been made on the qualitative requirements of the translation or if there are no specific requirements apparent by the order, then ALTIS24 will order the translation of the text to the best knowledge and belief and provide a translation in compliance with general sense and grammatically correct.
  2. The translation shall be deemed approved by the customer if he does not immediately but not later than within three days notify a written objection. Decisive is the entry at ALTIS24.
  3. The customer waives in this case any rights that could arise due to any defects in the translation.
  4. If the customer rebukes so within this three day period an objectively existing and significant defect, then he has to describe this defect as accurately as possible and he must first give an opportunity to ALTIS24 to make improvements. This statutory remedy right applies explicitly also to orders with a very short delivery time.
  5. If the improvement is demonstrably unsuccessful, the customer has the right to reduce the price or to cancel the order. Claims for non-performance are excluded as well as any indemnification which exceeds the aforementioned indemnity.
  6. In any case, the liability is limited to the value of the order. ALTIS24 is only liable in case of gross negligence and willful intent.
  7. Recourse liability for damage claims from third parties is expressly excluded.
  8. ALTIS24 is not liable for translation errors caused by the customer by making incorrect, incomplete or not timely provided information or documentation. This also applies for incorrect or illegible source texts. The customer must prove that Altis24 received all the information and documents on time (burden of proof).
  9. If there is no indication of the purpose of the translation, especially if the translation is determined for publication or advertising purposes then the customer cannot make any tangible or intangible damages claim.
  10. The same applies if the customer does not specify that the translation is intended for printing.
  11. If ALTIS24 due to a translation will be claimed for a breach of copyright or if claims are raised against ALTIS24 from third parties, then the customer will fully release ALTIS24 from liability.

8. Other warranty rights

The customer can only rescind the contract in the cases of delay in performance and if the delivery time of ALTIS24 has been unreasonably exceeded and only if the customer has set a reasonable time limit to ALTIS24.

9. Assignment

The assignment of rights of a contract by the customer requires the written consent of ALTIS24.

10. Terms of payment

The payment is directly made while ordering our services by credit card or bank transfer. If a payment has been agreed by invoice, then the bill has to be paid within 10 days from invoice date and this without compensation or retention. The customer has to transfer the fee within these 10 days on the account as notified to him.

11. Retention of title

The translation remains until full payment the property of ALTIS24. Until then the customer has no right of use. As long as a payment is not final, the customer has to restitute all the benefits derived from these services.

12. Shipping, transmission

Delivery is made by email or by post, depending on customer’s choice. ALTIS24 will not be liable for a faulty or malicious transmission of the texts or their loss, as well as for damage or loss on the non-electronic transport.

13. Data privacy protection

All texts are extremely confidential. ALTIS24 commits itself to maintain secrecy all facts that ALTIS24 experiences in connection with their work. Full protection against illegal access to confidential data from unauthorized third parties cannot be guaranteed due to electronic transmission of data and information between Altis24, the customer, and possible subcontractors (freelancers).

14. Language version

In case of dispute, the French version of the terms and conditions shall prevail (conditions générales).

15. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The contractual relationship and further business relations between ALTIS24 and the customer are exclusively subject to Luxembourg law. International commercial law is excluded. For all disputes in which the plaintiff or defendant is ALTIS24, Luxembourg shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

16. Effectiveness

In case one or several provisions of the present terms and conditions are invalid, the validity of the terms and conditions in other respects of an initial or later occurring invalidity of one or more provisions thereof are not affected. The customer agrees with the meaning and purpose of these terms and conditions and their subsequent interpretation by the fact of concluding the contract.

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ALTIS24 is a professional translation agency, which works exclusively with highly qualified translators. The aim of our services is quality and speed.

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